Why I Smoke

We live in a hectic time.  Information comes at us from all angles in breathtaking volume and with vicious  speed.  Smoking provides me respite from modern life’s dizzying pace.  From the time I light my briar pipe, I revel in time that is truly my own.  I smoke alone and often prefer it that way.  For a blessed hour, I am afforded the opportunity to disconnect from life’s trivialities and focus on my thoughts. Continue reading


Cooking From the Gut

The most satisfying food is often that which fulfills our culinary urges.  I am a great lover of refinement and meticulous preparations.  Having made my bones as a cook in a Michelin-starred restaurant, I have great respect for composed dishes perfectly executed and artfully presented.  Should I feel the need to impress someone with my cooking, I can refine, reduce, perfect my knife work, and bleach my plates so they sparkle.  When cooking for my own consumption and enjoyment, however, I seldom subject myself to four-star standards.  The ladies aren’t coming for dinner and chef isn’t here.  A man ravenous and impatient, I just want a steak: a big fucking steak. Continue reading